04 February 2019 Monday TRADE COMMENTARY

WASDE (WAS’-dee’) from USDA Report coming FEB 8th, NOON EST

There has been no USDA World Ag Supply-Demand Estimates report (monthly) since December 11, 2018 report.  Last Wednesday, on January 30th, 2019, USDA says the delayed JAN WASDE (Link for announcement) will be issued on Friday.  This is the report each year that has the seasonal totals, so it is an important report.  Here’s the link for the new WASDE info HERE  It will be issued at NOON EST (New York) time this Friday, 8th FEB 2019.




  • I hope to close out my short MAY19 360 corn PUTs this week.  If so, I’ll shop JUL19 corn and possibly DEC19 Corn PUTs to sell.
  • Should Oil go up more this week, I may close out my short APR19 35 PUT and my short JUN19 30-strike PUTs. If so I’ll immediately start shopping for more PUTS to sell but will do so cautiously as oil could retrace some of its recent gains.
  • WASDE report Friday at NOON EST.  Watch for lowered 2018-19 Corn crop yield which could LOWER stocks and might be a bullish development for Corn.
  • I am considering closing out my APR2019 Gold 1600 CALLs.  The action on Gold, I think, will depend largely on the general economy, and since the FED is not wanting to raise rates for a while, the $US dollar could drift down some which might support gold prices for the short term.

Watch for a new newsletter soon and more trading ideas I’m considering.
Have a good week. – Don

Don A. Singletary




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