07 January 2019 MONDAY Trade Commentary

There’s lots happening this week of January 7, 2019:

  • China trade talks.
  • Shutdown means no WASDE this week.
  • Continued optimism for the stock market?
  • Gold and Silver prices.
  • Trading Ideas

Today’s Trade Commentary is here:


Please understand that placing my trades in newsletters and here in the Trade Commentaries is intended only for educational purposes.  You are totally responsible for your own trades.  I share my thoughts, my research, and positions with readers so they might gain some insight into this type of trading.  Whatever trades you may or may not consider, always remember that money management for this type of trading is extremely important.

My Current Positions:

Short the APR19 Crude Oil 70-strike CALL at 0.18 ($180)

Short the FEB19 Gold 1100-strike PUT at 0.60 ($60)

Short the FEB19 Gold 1500-strike CALL at 0.70 ($70), and

Short the APR19 Gold 1600-strike CALL at 0.60 ($60)

Short the JUN19 Crude Oil 70-strike CALL at 0.420 ($420)

Short the MAY19 Corn 360-strike PUT at 3.375 ($168.25)

Note: I have a GTC order for closing purchase of FEB19 Gold 1100-strike PUT at 0.10

Here’s the link to the Crude Oil Trade (short APR19 70 CALL) I put on my blog at https://SellingCommodityOptions.com 

There are also some good articles there on money management, like this one: “Rules of Thumb” at: https://sellingcommodityoptions.com/blog/option-trading-rules/

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Don A. Singletary

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