11 February 2019 Monday TRADE COMMENTARY


Here’s a list of my current positions and outstanding (GTC) orders:

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Note:  I always use examples with a quantity of 1 (one) option per trade.  This is not because I only trade one of each option, it is to keep the illustrations simple and easy to understand in the newsletter.  Please remember the strategies of the trades I post here are risky, and not suitable for all traders.  This is not a trade advisory service. Posts here are for educational purposes only.

Some call the first WASDE report since December a “dud.”

On Friday (08FEB19) the first (monthly) WASDE (World Ag Supply-Demand Estimates) since December was issued.  Realize that many producers (farmers) of the grains often eye these reports as holding potentially good news for them.  The JAN19 WASDE was missed due to the USA government shut-down.  It is quite natural for producers to want to see numbers in their favor; this was NOT the case. (I am rather tired of talking about WASDE too, actually.)  In fact many are calling this report a ‘non-event’ because there were no surprises, no major changes, and it gave little reason to adjust any of the price outlooks for corn or soybeans to change at all.

This means the outlook for corn prices is in line with usual seasonal patterns, which is bullish during the first half of the calendar year.  The outlook for soybeans remains neutral to bearish; the normal seasonal pattern is for higher prices in the first few months of the calendar year.

The video here has some comments on Crude and Gold.  I think these two are again ripe for more SHORT STRANGLES, and I’m already short CALLS of course – but I could be adding more short strangles in the next week or two.

I have decided NOT to trade any Silver options at this time.  I will explain more soon, but when I took a close look at the Silver options, I was not comfortable with the very small open interest of these options.

One other development in Crude Oil:  You’ve heard me talk that the USA is now the world’s largest producer, and since China is increasing oil imports from the world and USA, the United States is heading for a time coming up very soon where we export more oil than we import.   This has never happened in recent history.  In future months and years, this will improve the national deficit numbers for the USA.

Please visit the video below and have a great week.  Remember, patience is money! Thank you. – Don


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