14 January 2019 MONDAY Trade Commentary

Improvements in the Newsletter and Trade Commentary for 2019:

Starting this week on January 15, 2019 – I will be posting both the TRADE COMMENTARY and ALL TRADES HERE ON THIS ONE PAGE under the TAB name:  Trade Commentary and Newsletter

You still get virtually the same information only easier to access and keep up with since everything will be here in one place.  Every post here will contain a list of current trades.   All COMMENTARY and TRADES will both be here in one place starting this week on January 15, 2019.   All commentary and Time Farming Training Bulletins will be here on ONE page under the heading: Time Farming Training Bulletin.

At the first of this year, I began posting videos on this site for the first time.  There will be more of these and they will be used for presentations on trade strategies, commentary on current trading, and to explain and discuss various ideas about selling commodity options.  I will also use this format to feature some questions and answers that I get from readers.  (All the comments you send to me will remain confidential of course.)

I feel this simplification will be a huge improvement, while also creating a place to use video and audio as a huge improvement and method to display lessons and ideas.  From now on when you log in, you can go to ONE page and instantly find both commentary, current positions, and articles on trading technique. Simply log in and go to the Time Farming Training Bulletin tab.  That’s it.  Simple.

I wish to thank those subscribers that sent in comments and ideas to help me make these improvements and changes.  Thank you. – Don

One thing is NOT changing, you will be sent a notification email when there are new posts (of any and all kinds) here on this page.

14 JAN 2019 Monday

Summary of Current Positions

Short the APR19 Crude Oil 70-strike CALL at 0.18 ($180)

The Trade Origination gold rectangle is new and will take you back in time to the date and post of the original position.

Short the JUN19 Crude Oil 70-strike CALL at 0.420 ($420)

 Short the FEB19 Gold 1500-strike CALL at 0.70 ($70)   Expires (worthless) this week on Tuesday 15 JAN 2019

Short the APR19 Gold 1600-strike CALL at 0.60 ($60)

 Short the MAY19 Corn 360-strike PUT at 3.375 ($168.25)

NOTE:  My GTC order to make a  closing purchase of FEB19 Gold 1100-strike PUT at 0.10 has been filled.


TODAY’S COMMENTARY for 14th January 2019:

Sunday CNN article: Saudi Oil Minister Comments on Crude Oil LINK

Remember: Starting Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  You will find both the Newsletter and Commentary on one page.   The tab for that page is:   Time Farming Training Bulletin 

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Thank you have a great week.- Don

Don A. Singletary

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