07 March 2019 THURSDAY newsletter

New Trades and Order today: 07 March 2019

Closing purchase Trade today: I bought back the Gold JUN19 1550 CALL  0.20  (shorted at 1.10 minus .20 = $90 profit.)

Enter GTC today: GTC to make closing purchased on the Crude Oil JUN19 75 call @ 0.04

New Trade Today: I sold the Gold AUG19 1500-strike CALL for 2.0 ($200):  Since I am already short the Gold 1200-strike PUT (different class: JUN19), I did not have to put up any additional margin money – as these two trades are a short strangle.

FYI: Selling a short strangle with each leg in a different CLASS could be called a “diagonal short strangle” (but this is not important.  Just keep in mind the PUT and CALL do not expire at the same time and that’s ok.)

Summary of My Positions:

Today’s Trade: Short JUN19 Gold 1500-strike CALL for 2.0 ($200)

Short strangle:
Short SEP19 Crude Oil 80-strike CALL for 0.17

Short SEP19 Crude Oil 35-strike PUT for 0.09  (total of 0.26 = $260)

Short Strangle:
Short JUN19 Crude Oil  75CALL for 0.11
Short JUN19 Crude Oil  45PUT for 0.24  (total of 0.35 = $350)

 Short the JUN19 Gold 1200-strike PUT for 1.40 ($140)

Short the JUL19 Corn 360-strike PUT at 3.125 ($156.25)

 Note:  I always use examples with a quantity of 1 (one) option per trade.  This is not because I only trade one of each option, it is to keep the illustrations simple and easy to understand in the newsletter.  Please remember the strategies of the trades I post here are risky, and not suitable for all traders.  Posts here are for educational purposes only.


Here’s the chart on the 1500 CALL Gold AUG19:

That is all today.   Thank you. – Don

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